You may have noticed, SLS is not using product pricing at this time. Placing an order online is limited to registered dealers,  as we are wholesale only. Active dealer accounts will see products with a $0 price. Stores will be billed as usual on SLS invoices. Our orders online are only a quote for an order. Orders online are real orders, and an easy to record list of items that you want.

Only sale and close-out items will show a price. At this point our web site is set up to take only a list of items you want to order. Once we have an order (quote) we will process the order for your account and you will receive the pricing reflective of your purchasing history. Even when (or if) we add pricing, it will still only be a generic price and the same rules will apply.

Websites like ours, catering to stores or dealers, sometimes find it difficult to have a secure published price on an item as many things are factored into their store pricing.  SLS only wants our dealers to find a secure place to shop and not worry about their pricing issues. Pick the item you want and we are sure to find the correct corresponding price based on your store purchase history.