AmeriAG Fly Strips

True Hands Free and Stress Free Fly Control.  Perfect for Range Cattle.  NO roundup, NO confinement, NO handling NO stress.  Let the Cattle Treat Themselves!   ONE AND DONE FLY CONTROL

Fits both sizes of old and new model designs of AmeriAg Mineral Feeders   10 pack

> Offers One and Done Fly Control

> Perfect for Range Cattle as it prevents having to catch and work cattle to provide horn fly control.

> Feeder can be used by all ages and sizes of cattle. From 3 week old calves to mature bulls.

> Economical – Costs less than other forms of fly control that are more labor intensive.

> Saves Time and Money – No messy re-treatment of insecticides lie oilers, wicks and dust bags.

> Stress Free – No Catching, confinement or handling of cattle