Anthrax Spore Vaccine

For use in healthy cattle, sheep, goats, swine and horses as an aid in the prevention of anthrax.  A suspension of viable Bacillus anthracis Sterne Strain 34F2 spores in saponin.



Store at 2° to 7° C.  Do not freeze.  Shake well before use.  Use entire contents when first opened.  Do not vaccinate within 42 days before slaughter.

In areas where anthrax is known to be a problem, it is advisable to revaccinate annually approximately 4 weeks prior to the time the disease usually appears.

For control of outbreaks, vaccination of all animals not showing symptoms is recommended.  Not all animals will be protected by this procedure but taking action as suggested may stop further spread of the disease.  It is also recommended that animals showing symptoms be isolated and treated with antibiotics as permitted.

Inject 1 ml subcutaneously into each animal.  Revaccinate in 2-3 weeks in heavily contaminated areas.  The region of the neck just in front of the shoulder is a convenient site for administering the vaccine to cattle and swine.  Sheep and goats should be vaccinated subcutaneously on their side (mid-thorax) halfway between the front and back legs.  Horses may be vaccinated subcutaneously in the middle portion of the neck or in the brisket at a time when the animals are not being heavily worked.  Light to moderate swelling may appear at the injection site.  This will disappear after several days.