Bellota Farrier Rasps

Bellota – A Tradition of Excellence   Bellota’s was founded in Legazpia, Spain, in the heart of a small valley of remarkable tradition, and now has plants throught the world. Bellota began manufacturing tools in 1908 with a staff of twelve. The basis of their growth has been the constant effort to achieve the highest quality in their products, set apart by the Bellota trademark. Its quality has placed the Bellota brand in a leading position in the world market.

Classic Rasp   The smooth cut of the Classic file side is the best choice for a smooth finish.

Top Sharp Rasp  The aggressive design of the file side on the Top Sharp lets you get in and get out with maximum results.

Razor Rasp Like its name implies, the rasp side of the Razor offers an extreme cut when compared to other Bellota rasps, while the file side is also coarser.