Corathon Ear Tag

Corathon® Insecticide Ear Tag

Slate-colored Corathon® insecticide cattle ear tags with FyberTek®can be used for both beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle to control horn flies, face flies, Gulf Coast ticks and Spinose ear ticks for up to five months.

Corathon® controls pyrethroid-resistant and chlorinated hydrocarbon-resistant horn flies, and controls face flies, the mechanical vector of Moraxella bovis, the bacteria that causes pinkeye in cattle.

Corathon® contains 50% organophosphate insecticide, 25% more active ingredient than the Co-Ral® Plus Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag. It is ideal in rotation with ear tags using pyrethroid chemistry and utilizes the Allflex® Universal Total Tagger.

12/20 ct box

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