EZE and XL Bander Tools and Bands

EZE Tri-Band and XL Bander

The Bloodless Castrators applies a latex ring/band around the scrotum, cutting off the blood supply. The scrotum should fall off in 20-40 days. Works best on calves 350 lbs. and up. A tetanus toxoid injection should be given at time of Castration. Tetanus toxoid (Covexin 8, Bar Vac CD-T, Vision C & D Tetanus Toxoid or Ovine Tetanus Shield) should be administered when bands are applied.

Castrator “Tri Band” Bander Tool

  • Band opens to 2 1/2″
  • This applicator requires no tightening of any kind simply open, put in place and release.
  • Designed for bulls weighing from new born to 350 pounds

The XL will Castrate from 350 lbs to 700/800 lbs. The newest addition to the Castrator Family. This Castrator is a step up from the Tri-Bander. The XL doesn’t require a clip to hold the Band in place. Place your orders now! Remember to order extra Bands with your Castrator.