Flame Roasted Soybeans

Flame Roasted Soybeans  50 LBS.


Roasted Soybeans — X’TREME Protein feed supplement for whitetail deer

Preferred over corn. On average, corn has a protein level of only 6-8%. Soybeans average 35% and 40% protein level, while roasted soybeans average 38-40%  protein level. The aroma of roasted soybeans makes them much more palatable and increases the consumption. Roasting also helps stabilize the fat for digestion, converting it to more energy. Adding roasted soybeans to a deer’s diet greatly improves antler size, body weight, strength and energy. Roasted Soybeans increase reproductive performance and milk production in lactating does, promoting healthier fawns. Roasted soybeans work well in all type feeders! Roasted soybeans mix will with corn.