Flea Aerosol Spray (14 oz)

Controls fleas for up to 7 months.  IGR prevents fleas from reproducing. Also kills bed bugs, bed bug eggs, lice, dust mites, and carpet beetles.

Cat fleas are very small and compressed insects that live on dogs, cats, and other animals. They do not fly, but have long legs and can jump a long distance. Flea larvae live at the base of household carpeting or in the openings in wood floors. Adult fleas suck blood from the host several times a day. Larvae feed on organic debris.

Household pets can get fleas by contact with infested dogs and cats. Rats, skunks, and opossums also carry cat fleas and can pass them to household pets. Contrary to common belief, fleas do not live successfully outdoors (backyards). It is generally not possible for people to carry fleas from house to house.

When dogs and cats become seriously infested they often change their sleeping or resting site to another. This is done to avoid the infested carpet, flooring, or bedding where fleas are developing. Infested dogs and cats scratch frequently and can irritate their skin.


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