Flea Killer For Carpets

Flea Killer For Carpets



EFKIR203 / EFKOB203    Quick-acting, fresh scented powder works on all types of floors, floor coverings, and upholstered furniture to kill fleas and ticks and breaks the flea life cycle. At the same time, it overcomes household odors, leaving a clean, fresh fragrance. Perfect for periodic treatments of any upholstery, carpet, and adjacent flooring exposed to your pet. Just sprinkled and vacuum. Treats five 10′ x 10′ carpets. Choice of two pleasant fragrances: Fresh Linen or Ocean Breeze.

Key Features:

  • Just Sprinkle and Vacuum
  • Kills: Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Ants, Silverfish, Roaches
  • Breaks Flea Life Cycle
  • Fresh Linen and Ocean Breeze Fragrances
  • Sprinkle powder evenly and lightly over carpet and adjacent floors. Wait 30 minutes and then vacuum. If ticks are present, leave powder on surface for two hours before vacuuming.


Ingredient Function
Sodium Bicarbonate Buffering Agent
Sodium Sulfate Thickener
SUMITHRIN® (d-Phenothrin) Insecticide
Paraffinic, Naphthenic solvent Solvent
Fragrance* Fragrance

*Fragrance contains ingredients reviewed by IFRA