Grubblies World Harvest


50 X More Calcium Than Mealworms,

Non-GMO Grubs – a Daily Snack to Treat Your Chickens – 100% Natural and Oven-Dried Grubs for Happy, Healthy Hens

  • Stronger Eggshells: Get 50x more calcium than mealworms with every peck to help strengthen eggshells and prevent egg binding. Get more cluck for your buck!
  • Healthier Feathers: Grubblies are packed with protein for strong, healthy feathers. Essential when molting! Give a double serving to your molting hens to help them regrow their feathers, and regain normal levels of energy and egg output.
  • Better for Chickens and the Planet: Grubblies are safely and sustainably harvested on FDA-approved grub farms. Never from China. Our all-natural grubs are also great for ducks, turkeys, quail and wild birds!

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