Immediate Response™

Immediate Response™


For symptoms of colic, scours, gut ache, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and exposure to moldy hay or conditions associated with digestive upset.

Horses, cattle, goats, sheep, swine, boars, sows, gilts, llamas, alpacas, dogs and cats.

  • Veterinarian recommended digestive paste
  • First aid for colic symptoms prior to professional diagnosis and treatment
  • Safe for all ages of animals
  • Designed for immediate response to symptoms of:
    • Scours, gut ache and diarrhea
    • Exposure to moldy hay or forage
    • Stressors such as hauling, temperature, confined spaces, physical trauma
  • Rapidly restores your animal’s digestive balance

Feed twice per day. Some animals may require 3 times a day to achieve desired results.

EQUINE: 10cc per 1,000 lbs of body weight, during crisis give entire 80cc syringe
CATTLE: 10-15cc per 100lbs of body weight
GOATS & SHEEP: 3cc per 10 lbs of body weight
SWINE: 1-2cc per 10lbs of body weight
BOARS/SOWS/GILTS: 10cc per 100 lbs of body weight
LLAMAS & ALPACAS: 4cc per 10 lbs of body weight
DOGS & CATS: 3cc per 10 lbs of body weight