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nternal and external parasites, such as gastrointestinal worms and lice, are organisms that feed on a host animal’s tissue, blood, and tissue fluids and can interfere with performance. For Canadian cattle producers, parasite burdens lead to significant productivity losses if not effectively addressed.

Internal parasites can cause appetite suppression, reduced feed digestibility and nutrient absorption, blood loss, and anemia, which in turn can lead to decreased weight gain, weakened immune system, and tissue and organ damage.

External parasites can cause hair loss and scabbing, blood loss and anemia, and skin irritation, as well as acting as a disease vector. The effects of external parasites on production can include decreased weight gain and milk production, hide damage, and damage to facilities and fences from rubbing and scratching.

The Pioneer in Powerful Protection
IVOMEC Pour-On was the first all-in-one product with the power to control internal and external parasites – including biting lice.  Since that time, it has proven its worth to Canadian cattle producers year after year, season after season. From protecting calves at spring turnout, to keeping lice from causing havoc in the coldest winters, IVOMEC Pour-On has set the standard in long-lasting performance and reliability.

Broad Spectrum Control That Goes the Distance
IVOMEC Pour-On controls more species and stages of parasites than other ivermectin-based products – and has demonstrated its superior persistent protection. Against biting and sucking lice, IVOMEC is indicated for a full 49 days.