JustiFLY® Fly-A-Salt Block

An insect growth regulator end-use product to kill stable fly in the manure of beef and dairy cattle. A nutritional supplement containing diflubenzuron* for continuous feeding to cattle through stable fly season.

  • FOR ALL STAGES OF LIFE. For continuous use throughout fly season. Approved for pasture and feedlot cattle
  • NO COW WORK REQUIRED. Zero animal handling stress. Fly control with no cow work required. No more oily insecticides, pour ons, dust bags, sprays, or ear tags
  • SAFE. Cattle simple ingest the larvicide as the feed on the salt. It passes through the animal and starts to work on flies in the cattle manure. No withdrawal period. Dung beetle safe
  • SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, EFFECTIVE. Costs less than 6 cents per head per day
  • 44 lb. salt block