Kreso D – Deodorant Cleanser

Kreso D – Deodorant Cleanser

Used for either bug killing or disinfectant.

KRESO D Deodorant Cleanser Kreso D must be diluted with water before use. For HORSES 1 part Kreso D to 60 parts warm water. Dip or apply with spray. Saturate hair and skin thoroughly. Repeat every 12 to 14 days as required. For DOGS Wash dogs in a solution of 1 part Kreso D to 100 parts warm water. Repeat every 7 days as required. For KENNELS Clean at the rate of 1 part Kreso D to 50 parts boiling water. Use on animals which are not producing food for human consumption only. Gamefowl for show or breeding purposes, use 1 oz. per gallon of water for spray or dip, 2-3 oz. per gallon for disinfecting pens.

Active ingredients of 53% Coal Tar hydrocarbons, 18% Coal Tar phenols, 9% water and 20% soap makes this an extremely effective disinfectant, germacide, cleanser and dip