Liquid 747 Supplement

Liquid 747® Supplement – Gallon

  • Formulated from natural ingredients that deliver vital nutrients in easily-digestible form.
  • Provides high levels of Vitamins A, D-3, and E per fluid ounce for daily supplementation.
  • Two fluid ounces provides 1 milligram of selenium, the minimum daily requirement for a horse of 1100 lbs. weight that consumes 22 lbs. of feed per day.
  • Provides high levels of biotin and choline for good hoof and body conditioning.
  • Provides inositol, a B-vitamin important for good hair condition, muscle cell growth and tissue repair.
  • Contains 2.8% potassium by weight and provides 1,100 mg potassium per fluid ounce.
  • Contains at least 5.8% protein and guaranteed levels of 12 amino acids.
  • Has 23% higher weight per fluid ounce than water-based supplements for increased nutrient density.