MACE Counter Display

Easy sell display box. Contains 2 each of our Sport Pepper Spray, Pocket Pepper Spray and the Police Strength Pepper Spray.

An adjustable strap secures Sport Pepper Spray to your hand for smart, effective protection while you’re on the go. Ideal for walking, jogging or running, this pepper spray empowers you to move with style and confidence. Display has 2 units.

Small but powerful, Triple Action Pocket Pepper Spray packs our toughest 3-in-1 formula of pepper spray, tear gas and UV detection dye into a compact case. With a simple flip-and-grip design, this spray gives you maximum control when you need it. Display has 2 units.

Triple Action Police Pepper Spray protects you with a 3-in-1 formula of pepper spray, tear gas and UV dye for powerful protection. Housed in a durable case that’s tough enough for law enforcement, this pepper spray provides defense you can trust. Display has 2 units.

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RESTRICTED STATES: This item not available for shipment to residents in NY and MA. Residents in these states may purchase Mace® Brand pepper spray from a locally authorized reseller as per state requirements. Some restrictions may apply.