Nordic Forge Hoof Nippers

Nordic Forge Hoof Nippers

14″ Even Top = 104PFH Designed exclusively for trimming hooves. This 14″ long professional nipper features a wide 1″ flat head and thins heat-treated jaw. Cushion-grip handles.

14″ Bevel Top = 104P  This forged steel nipper features a heavier jaw than the 104PFH allowing for less chance of misuse by the amateur. Hardened jaw. 14″ long. cushion-grip handles.

14″ Parer Overbite = 105P   Designed with the anvil effect. One sharp edge cutting into a blunt edge/ Hardened jaw.  14″ long. Cushion-grip handles.

13″ Nail Cutter = 278 A 10″ lightweight nipper designed to pull or cut nails. Heat treated jaws, cushion-grip handles.

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