Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats for Dogs


Ora-Bone Dental Treats for Dogs – Singles were designed to do dental BETTER. These patent pending treats have THREE breath freshening ingredients (mint, parsley & alfalfa) that fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut, while Ora-Bone’s unique design has up to TWO TIMES the cleaning surface area of similar products! What’s more, Ora-Bone is MADE IN THE USA! Ora-Bone Singles are individually wrapped for convenience and freshness. Ora-Bone Singles are sold individually in stores. Look for the Ora-Bone display box at your retailer.

Every surface has a dental feature
• The center bulb cleans behind the front teeth, roof of the mouth and tongue
• Stepped, tapered ribs, that wrap around both sides of the entire bone, form teeth-fitting channels that clean more effectively
• Ribs/Channels promote movement in your pet’s mouth, increasing effectiveness
• Nibs, wrapped around the heart-shaped opening, massage gums and scrape the tongue for fresher breath

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Available in 3 sizes for any size dog.

Small – for dogs 5-20 lbs.

Medium – for dogs 21-50 lbs.

Large – for dogs 51 lbs. or more