Orange-A-Day™ Electrolytes

Orange-A-Day™ Electrolytes

No Sugar, No Dye, Orange-Flavored Electrolyte

For horses that prefer orange flavor. Finish Line® Electrolytes help promote healthy hydration in your horse by replacing electrolytes lost during daily activity. This electrolyte/mineral replacement replenishes electrolytes and aids in appetite and water consumption. Orange-A-Day is a cost effective product that contains no fillers, no sugars and no artificial colors!

Available sizes  5 lb, 60 day supply, 15 lb, 180 day supply,  30 lb, 360 day supply for 1 horse at 1 scoop per day

Fact: Horses lose electrolytes rapidly in sweat; their sweat is hypertonic (more salts in sweat than in normal body fluids). Competition, training, showing, travel, and high heat plus humidity increase the requirement of electrolytes. Hay and grain are typically low in sodium and chloride.