PNEUMABORT-K® + 1b is the only equine vaccine labeled for use in pregnant mares to aid in the prevention of abortion due to equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) infections, as well as to help prevent respiratory infections caused by EHV-1p and EHV-1b.

In the fifth, seventh and ninth months of gestation mares need a vaccine labeled to help protect against abortion caused by EHV-1. In fact, pregnant mares have a more than four times greater risk of abortion due to EHV-1 when not vaccinated.1-4

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  • For pregnant mares, aseptically administer one 2-mL dose intramuscularly during the fifth, seventh and ninth months of each pregnancy.
  • For young horses to aid in the prevention of EHV-1 respiratory infections, aseptically administer one 2-mL dose intramuscularly after weaning, followed by a second 2-mL dose three to four weeks later. Revaccinate with a single 2-mL dose six months after the second primary dose and annually thereafter.
  • To ensure proper placement and retention of the vaccine, inject deep into the heavy muscles of the hindquarter.
  • Mild exercise to promote absorption is recommended for one week after injection.
  • Maiden and barren mares that come in contact with vaccinated pregnant mares should be vaccinated on the same schedule as the pregnant mares with which they are in contact. Mares more than five months pregnant at the time of arrival on a farm should be vaccinated upon arrival and at two-month intervals until foaling.
  • Pregnant mares that are in contact with mares that have aborted EHV-1 infected fetuses should be vaccinated. Such vaccination may provide immunity for those mares in the group which are not incubating an abortigenic infection at the time of vaccination.