Poultry Dewormer 5X

Poultry Dewormer 5x (Fenbendazole capsules) Eliminates many different types of intestinal parasites. Conveniently dosed beef flavored capsules that can be added to feed, spread over food or given orally. A G.I. Supplement that can be used to treat internal parasites. Same active ingredient as SafeGuard®.  One capsule will treat 4-7 lb bird.   50 count bottle – capsule –  Price shown is suggested retail. 

  • Threadworms (Capillaria)
  • Round worms (Ascardia galli)
  • Cecal Worms (Heterakis gallinarum)
  • Gape Worms (Syngamus Trachea)
  • Tape Worms (Cestodes)



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