QUEST® PLUS GEL  20/case

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  • Each Quest Plus Gel sure-dial syringe is calibrated in 50 lb. increments, and treats up to 1250 lbs. body weight.
  • Quest Plus Gel combines 2% moxidectin and 12.5% praziquantel for the treatment and control of large and small strongyles, encysted cyathostomes, ascarids, pinworms, hairworms, large mouth stomach worms, stomach bots and tapeworms.
  • One dose also suppresses strongyle egg production through 84 days.
  • Testing has not been done in breeding mares or stallions.
  • Quest Plus Gel may be used in horses and ponies 6 months of age and older.

FALL WORMING — QUEST® PLUS is the ideal deworming choice for late fall administration as it not only kills bots but contains an additional active ingredient – praziquantel – that specifically targets tapeworms.