SOLITUDE® IGR is a feed-through fly preventive that helps keep flies, and the diseases they can bring, away from your horses. SOLITUDE IGR passes through the manure of treated horses to prevent flies from developing into adults by inhibiting the development of the exoskeleton in fly larvae.  6 lb. pail

  1. SOLITUDE IGR is fed daily to the horse and is excreted in the manure.
  2. House and stable flies lay their eggs in the manure, and the eggs hatch into the larval (maggot) stage.
  3. As the maturing larvae feed on the treated manure, they become unable to develop into adult flies because cyromazine, the active ingredient in SOLITUDE IGR, inhibits formation of chitin. Chitin is the base of the fly’s exoskeleton.
  4. The immature flies die.
  • One scoop (300 mg of cyromazine) of SOLITUDE IGR per day per horse, no matter the weight or size of horse

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