Sorting Poles – U.S. Whip

Sorting Poles – U.S. Whip

Sorting poles are one of the most essential tools used in sorting and guiding cattle. It is a must-have for effectively controlling your animals. These tools come in a variety of lengths and styles, each with a specific purpose. For example, a pig pole will look and feel slightly different from a cattle pole. The design itself is dependent on whether the product is intended for on the farm or in the show ring.

While sorting poles can be used to communicate with a number of different kinds of animals in a variety of settings, these products are specifically designed to be used on ranch cattle.

Ranchers know that a key element of controlling livestock is communicating with them through means they understand. Animal behaviorists like Temple Grandin have emphasized the importance of coaxing cattle to cooperate through means that do not cause them to injure themselves. Lower-stress environments also reduce worker injury and prevent stress-related production decreases.

One of those ways to communicate with livestock, of course, is touch. Sorting poles allow you to have quick contact with an animal without causing pain or triggering a fear or startle reflex. You can effectively direct your cattle into squeeze chutes, alleyways, and pens with the right sorting pole.

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