Stock Guard® Concentrate

Stock Guard® Concentrate

Diluted, this product can effectively control a wide range of insects on livestock and in and around their premises. Effectively control flies, lice, ticks, beetles, mites, gnats and more in cattle barns, milk rooms, dairies, horse barns, poultry houses, swine houses and kennels and on cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses, poultry and dogs.

Stock Guard® 8oz

This synergized concentrate effectively controls a wide range of insect, including flies, mosquitoes, lice, ticks, mites, gnats and more. Diluted, this product is approved for use directly sprayed on livestock and with the use of back rubbers. Stock Guard® can also be used as a premise spray. One 8oz bottle will make 6 to 25 gallons depending on application.

Great for Back Yard Chicken Flocks & Coops

  • Makes up to 25 gallons for control of fies, mosquitoes, gnats and poultry lice.
  • Easy to Use Back Rubber Concentrate
  • 8oz makes 5 gallons of Back Rubber Solution