Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts

  • Pellets quickly kill moles and gophers
  • Easily punch holes in active tunnels with cone tip design
  • Unique formula is palatable to moles and gophers
  • Tube makes it easy to pour pellets into tunnels
  • Do not place in areas accessible to children and pets


Prior to treatment, determine which burrows are active by either pressing down a small section of the tunnel or removing a one inch section of the tunnel’s roof. Mark these sections and re-check in 24 to 48 hours. The burrow is considered active if the flattened runway has been raised up or if the roof has been repaired. Only treat active burrows.

After identifying active burrows, carefully punch a hole in the top of active tunnels with pointed end of cone, drop in a teaspoonful of the pellets, and carefully close the hole with sod or stone. Do not collapse the runway again or allow loose soil to cover the bait. After a few days, check the burrows to see if they are still active. If so, repeat treatment.  Post-Battle: Wearing waterproof gloves, collect and dispose of dead, exposed animals. Dispose of leftover bait in accordance with disposal instructions on package.