Sweet PDZ Equine

Sweet PDZ Equine – Powder and Granules

Sweet PDZ is a mineral called zeolite. It is primarily used to eliminate odors and absorb moisture/urine, primarily associated with animal waste. Its primary branding focus is for use in horse stalls. Sweet PDZ absorbs ammonia from horse urine, improving the respiratory health of the horse. Because of its absorbent properties, it can be used to absorb any animal waste odors, including big and small creatures, indoor or outdoor pets and exotic livestock from any and all parts of our world. It also has household and industrial applications, absorbing various gas, oil, and chemical spills as well as the toxic odors from those environments. Sweet PDZ is an earth mineral – it is non-toxic, organic, recyclable and compostable.

Sweet PDZ comes in two particle sizes, classic powder, and gritty granules. The original powder product was introduced in 1983. Because of the small size of powder, it’s easier to spread over a problem area and absorbs ammonia and odor at a faster rate. Meanwhile, the granular product is larger and essentially dust-free and is a great choice for use in litter boxes and small animal habitats. We like to say – Sweet PDZ is a full-circle green-earth mineral. We borrow it from the earth to capture noxious, ozone-burning odors, and you can return it to the earth as a beneficial soil conditioner in your compost and gardens.