TwistSplice – Barbed Wire

TwistSplices – Barbed Wire



Fence Repair TwistSplices – Barbed Wire

Have a broken barbed wire fence? Don’t have a lot of time but need the strongest repair on the market? It’s time to turn to Ranchmate® Barbed Wire Fence Repair TwistSplices.

A superior alternative to crimping or joining sleeve systems, TwistSplices repair broken wire fencing quickly and easily – without tools. These durable connectors leave your fence stronger than it was before it was broken.

  • Installs in seconds, no tools needed
  • Made from tough galvanized steel (Class 3 or above)
  • Will not crack or rust
  • 4 gauge sizes available to fit common barbed wire diameters
  • Proudly made in the USA