Wonder Fork®

Wonder Fork® – 3 pack of Mixed Colors

Makes Manure Removal Faster

Speed up stall mucking with the Incredible Wonder Fork. Patented, built-in basket keeps manure from rolling off. Exceptionally sturdy for dependable service. From barnyard to backyard, it can be used in picking up after big dogs, plus hundreds of other uses!

  • Makes manure removal faster
  • Side panels hold more manure, so fewer trips to the muck bucket
  • Lightweight design makes it easy-to-handle
  • Reinforced tines molded from tough plastic with sturdy, coated hardwood handle
  • Handle ties into tine support for added strength and handle socket is located under the weight, not behind it, as in other forks
  • Pays for itself by saving shavings and bedding
  • 1 year guarantee!
  • Available in black, red, blue and green

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