XtraFlo Float Valve

For Large Troughs, High Demand Compact armless diaphragm valve with full-flow high volume fill. The valve has a 25mm water level differential between opening and closing, reducing pump motor overload. Full-flow operation, the pump runs unrestricted until trough is full. For Large Troughs and Header Tanks Requiring Backflow Prevention Use the adjustable arm top-entry XtraFlo valve for above water fill applications and backflow prevention. Arm length is adjustable to set water level and for greater opening and closing differential reducing pump wear.

  • Long life
  • High flow
  • Armless – Less damage from stock (excluding top entry version)
  • Full on, full off
  • Bottom, side or top mount
  • Long tail and top entry version available
  • UV stabilised and corrosion resistant
  • All materials AS4020 approved (Water Quality Standard)